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The ASK (Always Seek Knowledge) referral program is a FREE service supported and maintained by the National Timeshare Owners Association.

NTOA, CRDA and TATOC members can access support or assistance with ownership related questions or issues at our Member Help Desk.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be an NTOA member to provide feedback on great experiences or share issues of concern.

844-ASK-NTOA (844-275-6862) or 727-502-6877
or Click on the "Share Your Thoughts" button below and fill out the web form.

The National Timeshare Owners Association is proud to officially represent Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA) members and their resort owners with the *ASK program. [Assistance, Referral and Resolution] 

The NTOA also works in partnership with the TATOC Consumer Helpline to provide cross support and assistance to each association's members with questions and inquiries or resolution assistance.
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