The ASK (Always Seek Knowledge) Helpline is a FREE service supported and maintained by the experts at the National Timeshare Owners Association.

Timeshare owners and non-owners alike can access support or assistance with timeshare related questions or concerns by contacting us.

You do not have to be an NTOA member to provide feedback, share issues of concern or ask a question.

We are happy to answer many of the questions that we receive on a daily basis without requiring you to be a member. We take our role as an unbiased, independent source of consumer information very seriously and would not do anything to hinder that source of information.

However, as you can imagine, some issues require hours, days or even months of research, communication and investigative work and it’s in those issues that we do require you to be a member. As your advocate, it’s important that you are a member of the NTOA so that we can truly speak for and on behalf of you. The NTOA is a member-driven benefits corporation. What that means is that we are funded by our membership and that any and all profits are put back into the association.

Our members report that the benefits of the membership are worth the cost of the membership several times over.

Have a question or concern? Contact us. We’re here for you, the consumer. Through your input, the NTOA can continue to lead the way to be your advocate. Timeshare issues can be challenging and your concerns are our concerns. Not questioning allows the bad guys to do incalculable harm. They’re counting on you remaining silent. Don’t let that happen.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to be an NTOA member to provide feedback on great experiences or share issues of concern.
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844-ASK-CRDA (844-275-2732)
The National Timeshare Owners Association is proud to officially represent Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA) members and their resort owners with the ASK program. [Assistance, Referral and Resolution]


844-ASK-NTOA (844-275-6862)

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